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Dr. Tharshni is Toronto-born and raised, and has always had an interest in health and wellness. She graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2015 before obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2019. She practiced as a chiropractor for 2 years in Calgary before moving back home to practice in Toronto in 2021.

Dr. Tharshni has vast clinical knowledge to diagnose and treat all neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. She has extensive experience treating cases involving car accident injuries, workplace injuries, chronic pain disorders, pregnancy-related pain, and athletic injuries. Dr. Tharshni uses a variety of techniques for treatment including manual joint manipulation (AKA adjustments) and mobilization, instrument-assisted manipulation, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation and exercise prescription.

She has a special interest in functional medicine, which addresses the underlying causes of a disease or injury in order to achieve optimal wellbeing. Her goal is to help her patients achieve a pain-free, active & healthy lifestyle. She uses both preventative care and maintenance care to ensure her patients have long-lasting relief.

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