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The Pro-Life Difference

Following a car accident it is important that you have a thorough examination of your injuries. If left unaddressed, fixable conditions risk becoming permanent. At ProLife, we are equipped to treat most motor vehicle injuries through a combination of our services. For your convenience, we are able to directly bill the insurance companies.

Fight or Flight

Traumatic events such as Motor Vehicle Accidents trigger the release of neurotransmitters creating what is commonly called the ‘Fight or Flight’ response. This response is an instinctual survival mechanism that enables a quick response to a traumatic situation. Sometimes this means that we may not initially feel the pain of physical injuries, enabling us to quickly remove ourselves from the situation. Car accidents are examples of traumatic situations that trigger this response- and that is why it is common for survivors of collisions to only feel the pain of their injuries days or even weeks later!

Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents are frightening. Once the initial shock of being in an accident is over, the costliness of an accident can cause another wave of panic. Motor Vehicle accidents are not only costly in terms of physical damage to your car, but also the physical damage it does to your body.



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