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Its amazing what you can find in a jelly

Its amazing what you can find in a jelly. No, I'm not losing it I'm serious!

Remember last month, I was telling you about the first Jelly session in Thurrock (just down the road from me, in South-East Essex)? Well, some very exciting developments we're sparked by that morning of which, more later.

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On is a radio series, for my regular slot, called, So what's stopping you?, with Steve Dickinson of Dickinson Coaching.

The first episode went out on 2nd June, focusing on one of the most common challenges known to businesskind fear.

I offered Steve the chance to pre-record the interview, but he opted to over-ride his own fear and do it live.

Fear is essential to human survival. Without it, we'd have gone the way of the dodo millennia ago. Some fears are perfectly rational and we should hold on to them as though our lives depend on it because they do! There are others, though, which are completely irrational and which are not only totally useless for preserving life and limb, they actually hold us back from the things we need, or want, to do. The trouble is that even the highly developed human brain isn't always great at spotting the difference.

On that first programme, Steve told a story about being in the Hollywood hills and going into survival overdrive at the sight of a snake which turned out to be a stick.

That initial reaction was perfectly reasonable. He needed to act without thinking, until he could be absolutely sure of what he was dealing with; but how many times in your every day life have you reacted to a snake which has turned out to be a stick? I know I have. I know a number of people, some very successful, who still fear one particular aspect of what they have to do to run their business. The most common phobias I see are around public speaking, or presenting themselves via recorded material. My own pet hate is telemarketing. In each of those cases, the risks really aren't very high. The worst that can happen is that we end up with a little egg on face. No-one ever died (not in a democratic nation, anyway) from making a bad speech, calling someone at the wrong time or creating a dodgy piece of audio or video.

For me, with my image-driven mind, I find the simple question: Is it a snake? or is it a stick? really useful. Since we did the programme, I've found myself using it whenever I've been faced with something at work which I've felt apprehensive about. Once I've satisfied myself that what's in my path is just a stick, which can't harm me except perhaps by tripping me up I tell myself to get on with it! and crack on with the task in hand. Simple, but effective!

How do you get over, around or through your own intimidating barriers? I'd love to know.

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