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Every time I see this picture I giggle for several reasons. One because Snoop is on the Martha Stewart show cooking in the first place. And two because Snoop is on the Martha Stewart show in a suit cooking. Maybe some of you giggle too but for different reasons. The caption says be careful of stereotypes. In today's climates we would do well to remember this . Criminal Stereotypes are the reason so many young men of color are loosing their lives to injustice. Stereotypes are the reason so many "ordinary" people o have been sentenced to a crime, (whether they served time behind bars or not), can not get a decent break in today's society.

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We always blame the media for perpetuating many of these criminal stereotypes. We as a society need to brush aside what the media forces in our view and be realistic about the face of ex offenders. We all have someone in our family, on our job, in our circle of acquaintances, at our churches,mosques and synagogues that have been intimately involved and/or sentenced by the court system.We need to not accept what the media and outside forces try to make us think of as reality. We know that ex offenders come in all varieties and colors and both genders. Criminals are not all brown skin and living below the poverty line in overcrowded inner cities. Just look at the picture above.

Regardless of what the face of ex-offenders look like, we as a society need to be ready and willing to offer rehabilitation to those who are incarcerated . While they are in jail we need to offer a many programs and services to help them become better citizens. rather we like to think of it or not ,once they ate released whether rehabilitated or not , they will move back into your neighborhoods, shop at the same stores, intermingle with you. It will be better if that person has had some programs that assisted them in changing their mindset and behavior. Who would you want as your neighbor ? Some one who has had programs or who just sat in jail thinking of new ways to re offend.

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