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 What is Slip and Fall?

Slips and falls can occur anywhere and at any time.  Since this sort of accident happens suddenly and without warning, our bodies cannot anticipate or prepare itself to cushion the impact of a fall.  As such, a slip and fall accident can cause a wide-range of damage to our body.  Left unaddressed, acute damage can turn into long-term chronic debilitating pain.

The Pro-Life Difference

At Pro-Life Wellness Centre Physiotherapy Clinics we treat you with dignity and respect.  We are able to treat any damage you may have suffered from a slip and fall as well as prevent any future complications.  Our clients who have suffered from a slip or fall benefit from our wide variety of services and products.

Did You Know?

Did you know that property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their property is safe?  This applies to property that is owned privately and publically.  Next time you slip on a patch of icy sidewalk, or fall on a freshly mopped floor at the mall, don’t feel embarrassed or feel like it’s your fault!

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