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What are Work Injuries?

Anyone can suffer from an injury at their workplace, whether you work in an office, factory or coffee shop.  When we are at work, we are doing just that!  Working!  Yet, people far too commonly are injured on the job.  More often  than not, their injuries could have been prevented had their workplace followed safety regulations.

The Pro-Life Difference

If you are suffering from a workplace injury come to our clinic.  Our staff at Pro-Life Wellness Centre Physiotherapy Clinics recognize that it is important for you to be healthy so that you can work and provide for your family.  We understand the urgency and duress you are in as you struggle with the pain of your injury as well as having a limited ability to perform your tasks at work.  Our team will design a personalized rehabilitation program to get you back on your feet- and back at work- as soon as possible!

Workplace Safety

Did you know that Ontario workers are protected under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)?  If you are ever injured or become sick because of your job, you are entitled to benefits and assistance through Ontario’s provincial Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.  For more information on how Pro Life Wellness Centre services may be covered under this Act, contact our office.

We focus on an active injury approach to restoring function and return to work. Whether your workplace injury has occurred from an accident or from overuse, you will find the programs helpful to:

 Relieve Your Pain
 Strengthen & Flexibility
 Improve Your Functional Abilities
 Coordinate Your Return To Work
 Provide Ergonomic Advice
 Provide Workplace Injury Prevention

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