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Battle For Success

Battle For Success

Interested in entering the battle for success? The "battle for success" is a theme that permeates every aspect of our lives.whether that be in our careers, our finances, our relationships, our healthour spiritual development. We are in this constant battle to overcome the obstacles that face us.

Most of the battle is not physicalit is a mental oneShedding all of the programming that we received earlier in lives that have shaped our belief systemreplacing limiting beliefswith ones that can allow us to manifest the vision of our lives.But there is always a turning pointa moment in our lives when we make a decision to live the greater version of ourselves We choose not to be smallnot to remain in our little corner because it is more comfortablebecause it protects us from the unknown.We come to a point when indeed we choose to enter the battle to recapture our greatnessto reveal who we already know we are intrinsically.

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Change is the KEY in the Battle for Success

Often when people begin a business, they want success to happen instantly. If it doesnt, they get frustrated and wonder what's holding them back. But success doesn't happen because you've taken a class, have knowledge or insight.

Success involves transformation and change.. And that represents a battle.

Battle For Success

Developing a business and the awareness that is required to do so is hard work. At every moment we have to put all our strength into the war against our old ways of being, against the part of us that does not want change. I use the word war very deliberately because that's exactly what it is. For real transformation to take place in your business or in any area of your life, we have to fight with everything we have, and when we are knocked down, we have to get up again knowing we are that much closer to winning than we we're before.

One of my mentors once told me that the difference between those who win the battle and those that do not is that those who win knew at the outset that it was a battle and they knew that they would win. Those who do not, lacked this understanding and conviction.

The war of our own consciousness is much more difficult than any physical battle.It is the war that tests us to become better peopleto learn the skills we lackto adopt the philosophy and attitude that will help us change direction and manifest our hope and dreams, and this battle.this war is not won easily. We need to know there is a process and to trust in it.

The fruit that is not ripe today will someday be sweet. We will change. Our awareness will grow. we simply have to trust that the vision for our businesses and our lives are indeed possibleprovided we are ready for the battle.

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