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I always loose things...

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today, but I am trying very hard to make this a daily habit. But topics, ya know? I'm just not sure how much naval-gazing I want to indulge in.

But then I couldn't find my glasses. I hate getting old. It's so much a part of what is freaking me out. Old. And since I turned 40 I've needed more and more to use "cheaters" to read. At first, it was just so I could see in dim light. Now it's an all-the-time necessity. And I lose my damn glasses all the time.

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I don't have "real" glasses, although I suspect I need them. I use the cheaters that I buy at Wal-mart. Three for $6.99. They are decent and stylish enough, and when I lose them or sit on them I don't feel bad about it.

But I lose them, way more often than I should. I take them off and set them down and then can't find them and can't see, to boot.

I got in the car this morning with the red pair on. I do often drive with them on, but today I needed sunglasses and so I took them off. Now I can't find them. Not in the car, not in my purse, not shoved down the cleavage of my shirt like I usually do. So, damn. I need to see so I can type this up. Look in my purse again, and found the blue pair. Okay. Wonder where the red ones are? I'm sure they will show up eventually. And then the purples ones. Three in a set red, purple, blue. And that's the order in which I like them.

There is no reason for me to prefer one over the other, of course, once they get stretched a little so they are more comfy on my face. But, I do. Wish they came in green.

So, I lose things. Glasses. Phone. Keys. Those are daily. But I also lose my sense of what I was doing, going to do, need to do. I am trying to keep up with too many things. I always joke about juggling knives, and that I've got that act pretty well down but it's when someone throws in the screaming cat and the running chain-saw that I get off-balance. I want to be better about this keeping up with what I'm doing, but also not being so worried that if I drop something, I'll lose a toe.

What is the solution to that? For the glasses, phone, keys having a place to put things. I don't have that right now. I don't have a place that I can put stuff every day and say There. You go there. I've tried, but the places get usurped by other things. The place isn't as important as it needs to be, and do I neeeeed a place? Well, yes. Because I'm tired of things being lost. Although I do, usually, find them eventually.

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