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More "ME" Time!

If I confessed to you how many days of the week I stay in my P.J.'s you would probably freakwell, unless of course you stay in your P.J.'s too much also. In that case, we BOTH need an intervention!!!

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10 years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead without my hair & nails done, and make-up perfectly applied. I spent hours per day on looking adorable.HOURS. PER. DAY. Now, I'm lucky to give it 15 minutes. I also spent all my money on the cutest clothes, shoes, meaningless junk and going out. Oh how times have changed. Although I am super duper thankful for not being stuck in the same place I was 10 years ago (I would travel back in time and smack that girl if I could!), I do realize I could also learn a lot from her.

Having children will change you, but instead of becoming less self-absorbed, I pretty much let it all go. Of course, I still adore looking cute when I have a meeting or eventbut on a daily basis, after chasing kids, cooking dinner, and managing my business, I do not make time to take care of myself. Yes, there is a time for yoga pants (Lord knows I have enough for every day of the month), but what I am doing is overkill! It has gotten so bad that when I spend time putting on my make-up and doing my hair, my kids beg me not to leave.and I am not even going anywhere.

Clearly I need a schedule. Working from home can be a trapit might sound great to work in your P.J.'s, but it's not the best way to stay productive or inspired. Its so funny how a lot of people start a business to stop punching the time clock and then they slowly realize that a time clock is exactly what they need

So, here's my plan.I need a schedule. To be realistic, I have to have certain days that I can totally rebel and stay in my yoga pantsbut as I revamp my calendar and my schedule, I will choose specific days that are my work days and I have to require myself to get ready just as if I was leaving for work. On my days "off" I can stay comfy, but I still need to look put togetherbecause I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me! (yes, that was a little Stuart Smalley reference for ya!)

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