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What are Orthotics?

An orthotic is a device that is used to support a particular body part. Orthotics are specifically used to support bones and joints by controlling their movement, redistributing weight and to correct function so as to reduce pain. Orthotics can be used to correct skeleton or joint dysfunction or to enhance their function in athletics.

The Pro-Life Difference

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, it is time for you to visit our clinic. We specialize in custom orthotic foot braces. At Pro-Life Wellness Centre Physiotherapy Clinics, our in-house Pedorthist [hyper-link] will fit and design an orthotic that best fits your needs. Our custom orthotics re-establish proper weight distribution and improve your foot’s overall biomechanics.

Orthotics: Working from the Bottom-Up

‘Orthotic’ is derived from the Greek term ‘ortho’ meaning “to straighten” or “align”. Custom orthotics are created so that they not only fit your body specifically, but also so that they redirect where we hold or place our weight. Foot orthotics work to re-align our entire skeleton through how we step and place weight on our feet. By re-aligning or straightening our stance through our feet, we not only alleviate foot pain, but can also reduce neck and back pain!

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