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Do you have high blood pressure? High cholesterol? History of heart attacks?

It’s time for a change. Come in and talk to our Naturopathic Doctor about your concerns and make a plan to change your heart health for the better. Changes in lifestyle, diet and supplements can make a huge difference.    

Heart health is a crucial part of every man’s health and something that is often overlooked. Heart disease is often insidious and comes without obvious symptoms. Consider some of the research below:

From CDC.gov/heartdisease/men.htm

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States, killing 347,879 men in 2017—that’s about 1 in every 4 male deaths.1

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States, including African Americans, American Indians or Alaska Natives, Hispanics, and whites. For Asian American or Pacific Islander men, heart disease is second only to cancer.2

“About 1 in 13 (7.7%) white men and 1 in 14 (7.1%) black men have coronary heart disease. About 1 in 17 (5.9%) Hispanic men have coronary heart disease.3

“Half of the men who die suddenly of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms.4 Even if you have no symptoms, you may still be at risk for heart disease.”

Various factors to consider when looking at your heart health are as follows:

    • Your diet
    • Your genetics
    • Your exercise level
    • The type of exercise you perform
    • Your supplement regime
    • Your work stress
    • And many more….

Make sure you’re doing everything you can for your body and get a full heart workup including a Framingham Risk assessment as well as a physical examination and other important tests to make sure you are in peak form and ready to keep maintain your health.
From a Naturopathic Perspective there are many different avenues to explore from modifying your lifestyle, your diet, considering new supplements, acupuncture, and much more.

Book a free consult and find out more with Dr. Daniel Soubhi Sima’an ND. Or give us a call at 416-357-2808 ext:1

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